Class President:       Tom Boyce

Vice President:          Bob Small

Secretary:                  Chris Christener

Class Fundraiser:     Guy Shaffer

Communications:     Bob Dunn

​Member:                    Roy Malone

Member:                    Herb Zoehrer

Emails and phone numbers are listed in the class Blue Book.  In that connection, if you need to update, please contact Tom Boyce ASAP.

Note that other than personal letters and phone calls among classmates, families, and friends, there are two principal ways to communicate among us. One is Shipmate; the other is this website. Of the two, the website is much more current and responsive.  As the lead time for Shipmate can be as much as two months, this website is the way to get out any time-sensitive news. You can make inputs by e-mail to robtdunn at aol.com or click the link at the bottom of this e-mail.

With regard to the website itself, the first page, “Home,” is generally devoted to class-wide news and special messages deemed important by our leadership. For example, recent postings included pictures and backgrounds of class officers and photos of 70
th reunion attendees. There is much more to tell, and if you have something you think merits the attention of us all, let Bob Dunn know, and he will post it.  For those who have already done so, we thank them for their efforts.

Finally, Fall and football are here. Don’t forget your donation to the NAAA and….

                                                     BEAT ARMY!