FROM THE President: 12 July 16


As a late afternoon thunderstorm flexes it’s muscles I find that the publication time line has arisen and if I don’t get this report off to you forthwith - you won’t hear from this desk for another 6 months or so the pre-publication and mailing lead times being what they are. 

I have asked Bill Foster to rejoin us class workers in the capacity of Class Secretary with primary duties of building up our class “scribes” staff to meet the demand. As I note below the Shipmate is the backbone of our communication with the Class Members. However, we need to develop more sources of input to meet that demand. And keep an eye out for continuity. Checkout the olde classes mastheads.

I note that the last report provided you some interesting (?) statistics having to do with the Blue Book and a bit about the 65th reunion and the annual meeting. It is my hope that the other scribes contributing to this issue will have some great photos to share and more glowing words of praise for the person and persons who made this a truly glorious event.  

In that last resort we also discussed the ubiquitous Blue Book. And a forecast of a mailing to you all of that very useful compendium of your classmates and class members. The later group being those who have stayed in touch and keep us abreast of their comings goings and such. Once a “51er always a ’51er Second to None.   

The good news is that the Blue Book (BB) is coming — but not right away. As many of you are aware through Tom Boyce’s e-mails as to various important events in the lives of our class members the BB has not kept up with key events as accurately as desired. It likely never will. But that doesn’t mean we should not try. 

After the marvelous event of the 65th reunion Tom and I set out to bring the BB in to line with the Naval Academy Alumni Associations class list data base. I won’t bore you with details but will say that we

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FROM THE WEBMASTER: 19 September 16

Guy Shaffer sends info re: our Homecoming event at Baywoods.  Go to Now Hear This to check it out.

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