Dear Classmates,

As we enjoy unusually fine weather, it is easy to forget it is not spring. Not to worry!  Low temps with rain & maybe snow are forecast for the next weeks here at end of February. Come on Spring!

You should receive some good news from Guy our steadfast Fundraiser. The class is doing well, and we will meet the donation level for the class gift of the "What Will I Become” exhibit to the new Physical Mission Center. The Dedication Ceremony had to be put off until April, but Spring is better for those of us in later stages.

We are maintaining our Web Site, thus, you can keep abreast of the state of the Class Status and events. Thank Goodness for Barbara Crawford and others that provide input to the website. Tom Boyce keeps track of the state of the Class for us via the web.

Bob and Ruth took their annual Holiday ShipBoard Cruise, this time to Caribbean Waters - leaving with the promise to update the state of 70th Reunion preparations and plans on return. Have not run them to ground, yet, but will before the Spring Fling! Promise.

The Governing Bodies of our Beloved Country have made things lively with all the trappings of varieties of Inquisitions and a Presidential Impeachment. Never dull when you live near to the seat of government power. Thus, we can promise that things will be lively while you plan to visit both our lovely Naval Academy and the nearby Nation's Capital.

                                                     Stay Well and Happy! Da Prez