From Roy Malone:

I have been unable to get it touch with Frank (Rentz) by phone the last 3 days.  I usually have difficulty reaching him and conversations are good but not lengthy. I was able to talk with his granddaughter, Nicole Bergman.  Nicole keeps pretty close tabs on him.  His son Tom who lives in California visits frequently.  Frank has been at Atlantic Shores [Ed: A Rest Home] for some time.  When I went to pick him up to attend the funeral of a classmate, unfortunately, he had forgotten and was having lunch with his daughter Ann. It turns out he needs to have a companion go with him for safety, and they did not have anyone available.  Frank has had both knees replaced, but Nicole says he spends a good bit of time in a wheel chair.  He has also been set up with Amazon’s system and can converse and get answers.  He enjoys that.  He seems to be optimistic and happy.  (President's Note:  Check Google for “The Best Apps for Video Calling No Matter What Device You Own," and read up on this essential app.)

For those of you who are loyal (or close thereto) followers of the Class website and/or the Shipmate Column, here is photo taken on Thanksgiving leave for the two Halliday midshipmen.  Tom, with rakish Cover (apparently too small), class of 2020, and his sister Cooper Susan Halliday, 2021, now a striving youngster. We send this along from their grandfather, as the tombstone, aka, 
 Bench, inscriptions are much clearer. Cheers! Da Pres 

Your Pres and scribe is most grateful that friends and family read the Shipmate and the Class Website and, better yet, contribute topics of interest to all of our class of '51 readership. 

“The lovely Norma Buteau, not pictured, informed us that her "father, Walt Stevens, enjoys his Shipmate very much and doesn’t miss a football game.” This photo was at Navy vs SMU. “We lost” (I think).  Walt and wife, Caroline, are pictured with Walt’s grandson (Norma’s son), ​Trey Buteau and his wife, Erinn. Trey is class of 2004. So the USNA connection carries on. Thank’s Norma for the input.