From Roy Malone:

I have been unable to get it touch with Frank (Rentz) by phone the last 3 days.  I usually have difficulty reaching him and conversations are good but not lengthy. I was able to talk with his granddaughter, Nicole Bergman.  Nicole keeps pretty close tabs on him.  His son Tom who lives in California visits frequently.  Frank has been at Atlantic Shores [Ed: A Rest Home] for some time.  When I went to pick him up to attend the funeral of a classmate, unfortunately, he had forgotten and was having lunch with his daughter Ann. It turns out he needs to have a companion go with him for safety, and they did not have anyone available.  Frank has had both knees replaced, but Nicole says he spends a good bit of time in a wheel chair.  He has also been set up with Amazon’s system and can converse and get answers.  He enjoys that.  He seems to be optimistic and happy.  (President's Note:  Check Google for “The Best Apps for Video Calling No Matter What Device You Own," and read up on this essential app.)

An interesting contact from a stranger in Marietta Ohio, this relates to a Classmate from the 14th Company, Class of 1951 and, it turns out, made the local newspaper The Marietta Times, dateline 16/17 May 2015. Well! That makes this ’51er well into the years; he was 89 at the time. 

The contact was from Richard D. Feil, Jr. Why this contact from a stranger? It starts out as a mystery. Dick Feil and his wife, Susan, moved to Marietta to follow their son-in-law, a native of Marietta, to be with their daughter and two grandchildren.  Susan became involved in the local church and it’s cemetery as a volunteer, to help keep things up. In her duties in the cemetery she became intrigued with an unusual tombstone – a large granite bench. The beauty of the bench and it’s unusual inscriptions were too much for Susan, so she wanted to know more – and so did Dick. 
The inscriptions revealed that Thomas Trout was from a Navy family and is a retired naval aviator. There is more to the story; but read the marvelous article in the paper. 

The Feil’s managed to find this old clip from The Marietta Times on their own, thus solving the mystery, while we were still running down Thomas Trout. The Feils USNA connection is their grandchildren, shown here:

Thomas lives alone in Homosassa, Florida  34446.  Lee K. has talked to Dave Mullaney about making contact with Thomas, and Dave’s reaction was, "Where’s Homosassa?" About due north of Tampa on the Gulf with lots of water around.  More to come on this interesting contact.