Web Readers and Classmates,

Spring is certainly upon us here in Annapolis. Trust it is okay where you are but have to be careful with that wish, given the tornados in parts of the middle of the country. The big event for us here in the capital region is the Class Spring Fling coming up on Tuesday 21 May.

This luncheon event, as you may recall, takes the place of the Dinner Dances of yore, but it is also at the Army/Navy Country Club – an edifice now greatly improved and much larger! I get to keep track of the responses to the colorful invite, done again for us by Wallace Christner aka Chris’s sister Ingrid Kolb (and our thanks to her!). Not everyone receives an invitation, although the invitation deserves for all to see thus it is displayed below [image coming soon]. (The menu looks good too!)

Guy Shaffer deserves your kudos, as well, for his dedicated service as the Class Fundraiser! His efforts have made '51 truly second to none, when it comes to the development and carrying through the many donation efforts the class has supported through your generosity over the years. It is through Guy's work at this post that I have had the opportunity to work with and appreciate what his post entails. You will be receiving his updates and requests as we approach our 70th and the completion of our final project — “What Will I Become?”  It is Guy’s hope he will be in position to answer that for the years to come for Prospective Navy and Marine Officers. Stay tuned! Guy is working assiduously to get a preview of "what the project will be!" for us all.