Finally, Lee Bolt shares this tale with you.

            In 1970 – 1972, I was a Commander and CO of Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 11-1. These are Special warfare units that grew out of the need to protect harbors, locks, rivers, and channels. Units have SEALS, UDT, Boat Coxswains , Enginemen, Radiomen, Radarmen, etc. They must be ready for land combat, and we often had exercises with the Marine Corps NCO School. I signed for equipment from salvage, and we bartered for some to be more capable.

The unit had never won the top honors. These years we did our best but at one Admiral’s inspection, a Seaman reservist – who had been away on a work assignment – returned with near shoulder-length hair. I asked to have a pre-inspection meeting with the Admiral. As soon as we entered the room, he asked if it was hair. I replied, “Yes,” and he asked how bad it was. I told him near shoulder length. He said there was nothing we could do, and we went on with inspection. Nothing was done, but several of my Petty Officers were upset.

The unit won top honors, and I was awarded the NAVY Commendation Medal for meritorious service. The Secretary of the Navy letter accompanying the Medal Citation was signed by Admiral E. R. Zumwalt, Jr. CNO.​

For those of you in the Washington, DC/Annapolis area, a reminder:  services for Al Burkhalter at 10:30, Monday, September 13th at the Naval Academy Chapel. Al was a highly regarded submariner, a stalwart member of the Class of ’51, and the source of countless contributions and much assistance to the class and to the Naval Academy, the Alumni Association, and the Athletic Association. He and his many efforts over the years are sorely missed.

We have reason to miss one more classmate as we read this website posting. While very time-late, we just learned that Bill Gorski passed away back in January of 2019. You can check the Necrology for other classmates about whom you may have questions.

On the better news side, Jane Kalisch logged in from Falcons’ Landing to update us on ‘51ers there. Carmen Cunningham is a resident in Independent Living but her husband, our classmate, Dick, is in the Falcons’s landing hospital. John Sullivan and Jane Kaulback are also in independent living. Should you wish to write any of these, the address is 46661 Algonkian Parkway, Sterling, VA  20165. (Note that our Blue Book shows the Falcon’s landing address as Potomac Falls, VA. The correct post office is Sterling, VA.)

In a previous “Now Hear This,” your correspondent reported inaccurately on a motion proposed and passed at the class meeting in Annapolis back in June. Based on Guy Shaffer’s recommendation, it was moved that the existing funding of the Chet McDonough Award be used henceforth for an annual award to the outstanding woman basketball player. The motion passed unanimously.

With regard to giving, in addition to twenty-one time gifts to the Naval Academy, there have been and continue to be continuing gifts and individual classmate contributions. The previous edition of this website discussed our more important and more lasting gifts. This edition addresses in brief our contributions to the Naval Academy Museum Rogers Ship Model Collection. See later in this discussion for pictures of some of the models.

Meanwhile, at the Academy fall classes are beginning and football season is nigh. The Class of 2022 is now in charge and 2025 are now plebes. Can you imagine it? Here’s what some of us looked like on Youngster Cruise, not far removed from plebe status. Do you know these people?​

Closer to the present here are some pictures left over from our 70th Reunion.


Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Stockdale


Eric and Shirley Nelson


Barbara Boyce



Warren Rothman​