Those of you who read this web site frequently know we try tirelessly to bring you new news of the class, the USNA, and the Navy. If you followed the “mystery” of the Granite Bench in the cemetery in Marietta, OHIO, you know the man behind, or on, the bench had to be an interesting sort–just like classmate Thomas Trout. In doing some of the background on Tom, I found this in the 2001 (50th year) Lucky Bag.

Reading this certainly makes it clear there was a fellow like Tom behind the Granite Bench in the Graveyard. Here he is at the 50th >>>

“Fifty—years —cruiser, wings, squadron, ATU, Staff Intelligence School, US Embassy Madrid, squadron, cruiser, oiler, Pentagon, NAS, retiring to Spain, and England for 15 years, then Florida here.

Three marriages to exciting lovable ladies all from foreign lands, as my June Week girl and true love turned me down. That young Hood student with surprising wisdom decided she didn’t want to be a Navy wife, the toughest role any woman can be called upon to play successfully. Paid a big price for exotic martial adventures in later years — the first cost me my wings, the second, my naval career, and the third, my life’s not-a-whole-lot’ of savings.

But guess what! Just like graduation with commissioning finally achieved, hallelujah, that Hood Girl of 50 years ago found me and is now mine for keeps. And no cruises except together. The best has been saved for last in a fantastic life of daring, romance, challenges, and successes, just like those years on the Severn. A lucky lad I am today as I was then...and a good place to close out this biographical piece. Thank you. There must be a hat somewhere I can toss in the air.” — Thomas W. Trout